Basic New Zealand Based Email Hosting Plans:

Plan Name Basic - Single Email Account Plan Basic - 10 Email Account Plan
Monthly Fee 
(GST Exclusive price)
$5 + GST $10 + GST
Setup Fee $25 + GST $25 + GST
Minimum Contract 12 month 12 month
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Disk Space & Traffic    
Disk Space 100 MB Email Mailbox Up to 1000MB Total
(Max 100 MB for each Email Mailbox)
Monthly Traffic
Domain Name    
Use of your own professional Domain Name (e.g.
Website Parking Page. This will display eg. You have reached the future website of...
Number of domain names hosted with the plan. 1 1
Free Domain Name Transfer processing. (.nz only, .coms will inccur a transfer fee)
POP Accounts 1 10
Catch-all Default Account
Passive Spam & Virus Filtering by the server
Server Specifications    
Hosted on New Zealand Based Webservers, for ultrafast email downloading.
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Billing / Payment Methods    
Personal Cheque, Company Cheque, Direct Credit and Automatic Payments

Account Options

Additional Domains connected to your account.(see note 1 below)

$5 inc GST per month per additional domain.

Email Accounts to be re-setup. (see note 2 below) $25 inc GST
Accounts primary domain name to be modified to another one. $25 inc GST
Account Reactivation. (Should your account be suspended for nonpayment)(see note 3 below) $25 inc GST
Post hardcopy invoice to my mailing address. Only if requested. $20 inc GST handling fee on each posted invoice.
(This fee does not apply to emailed invoices)
Extra POP Accounts $5 per month per 5 pop accounts, plus one off $25 setup fee.


Note 1: Extra domains are attached to your existing domain, and forward to the root directory of your hosting account. You can only have one website per hosting plan. If we find that you are hosting more than one website inside your hosting plan, by redirecting a second domain to a sub domain, we reserve the right to charge you for two hosting plans.
Note 2: Account re-setups are required if your account has been terminated, and needs setting up again. Also if your require your domain name changing to a different one, we have to do an account reset.
Note 3: We reserve the right to charge this fee before your account is unsuspended, if it has been suspended due to non payment of hosting fees.


All Plan Prices advertised are $ per calender month.
All Hosting Prices Exclude GST unless otherwise stated.
All prices are in New Zealand Dollars.
Hosting prices do not include domain registration fees.
Errors and omissions excepted.

All hosting plans are subject to our Terms of Service which can be found at

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